Empowering Hope: A Journey to Cure Cancer by Surgery

Surgery play crucial role in treatment of cancer. The goal of cancer surgery is to remove the entire cancer.

This website is an excellent resource for patients and their families for smooth journey in cancer care.  Through this website our aim is to provide information for early identification and effective treatment of cancer as per Internantional guidelines (NCCN, ESMO, NCG). We’ll explain surgeries for different cancer types, associated care and combined care by Surgical Oncologist, Medical oncologist and Radiation Oncologist.

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Personalized care in cancer by Dr Kaushal Yadav

Oncology Surgery

There have been several innovations on how the treatments have been imparted to cancer patients over the years. Surgery has been moving from a more radical approach towards organ preservation.

Second Opinion for cancer treatment in India

Personalized Care

Doctor controls treatment via care guided by a customized care plan. Progressed is tracked through various reports which are generated from various tests and kept as patients health records.

laparoscopic Cancer surgery in Gurgaon Delhi NCR

Second Opinion

When you’re facing cancer treatment, it’s normal to wonder if another doctor might offer a different treatment. Getting a second opinion can help you feel more sure about your diagnosis and treatment.


What is Cancer?

Cancer is uncontrolled proliferation of transformed cells in any part of the body. Neoplasm or tumor are used variably to describe any swelling or new growth. Benign growths don’t have potential to spread to other organs or parts of the body while malignancy or malignant growths have uncontrolled proliferation and metastatic potential.

Transformation is multistep process with genetic alterations by which normal cells acquire malignant potential, uncontrolled proliferation capacity and capacity to spread to other parts of the body (metastasis)

Areas of Expertise


Family History Age

Excessive Alcohol

Human Papilloma Virus

Covid-19 Contagion

What are risk factors for Cancer?

Cancer is a multifactorial disease caused by an interplay of many factors. some factors can be controlled while others are beyond control.

Surgical Oncology: Cancer Surgery

Surgery is best chance of cure in most of solid organ tumors. It’s a fct that 80% of cancer patients will require surgery during their course of disease yet only 25% were able to receive safe and effective surgery in time. Roles played by Surgical Oncologist include but not limited to:

  • Diagnosis and staging of cancer in most accurate way
  • Resection of cancer with adequate margins and lymph nodes to achieve best possible cure
  • Prophylactic surgery in hereditary syndromes
  • Surgery for limited operable metastatic disease
  • Relief of symptoms and maintaining quality of life

Oncosurgery is curative in intent, cost effective and has shorter treatment duration compared to other treatments. Surgical Oncology is an integral part of multidisciplinary tumor board meeting, and its approaches should be discussed with each patient. Surgical oncologists should lead multidisciplinary teams in care of majority of solid tumours.

Vinod Kumar Noonwal
Vinod Kumar Noonwal
I came for my wife surgery patient sushila I'm very happy with result and surgery. I will recommend Dr kaushal yadav .
Ramesh Barua
Ramesh Barua
Dr kaushal operated my surgery for Pheochromocytoma He helped me very much and I am very happy with sir and jitendra and result. Thank you so much for all the efforts. I am very grateful to Dr Kaushal
Neha Mishra
Neha Mishra
My mother got operated with Dr Kaushal yadav. My Mother was very nervous for operation but once we met Dr Kaushal yadav we were so satisfy with him and he explained very well about surgery and we are appreciate sir he helped mom. And after surgery my mother is very comfortable Thank you so much to Dr Kaushal and team Really appreciate 👍
prashant raghav
prashant raghav
Best oncologist doctor in Delhi NCR. Thanks so much sir
Bechan Ray
Bechan Ray
Dr kaushal operated my surgery for mouth cancer. He helped me very much and I am very happy with sir and result. Thank you so much for all the efforts. I am very grateful to Dr Kaushal
Parul Chhabra
Parul Chhabra
He is one of best doctor we have ever met . My father is suffering from advanced head & neck cancer . We met him after losing all hopes and he is the one who heard all our problems and started with the treatment . He listens and answers all your queries and he is the polite and most humble dr. God bless him with great success and long life to take care of all needy .
Pradeep Yadav
Pradeep Yadav
Dr kaushal is best surgical doctor. Thanks for him 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Ashok Kumar
Ashok Kumar
Dr Kaushal yadav such good doctor .He is treating as a family member , Thanks
Last month i was got to know that my mother diagnosed with first stage endometrial carcinoma i was worried about how we can face this type of medical conditions then one of my colleague recommend DR KAUSHAL KISHOR YADAV he is very kind person and very experienced person in his oncology surgical department. He removed all my worries and surgery was done last month now my mother recovered from this kind of medical conditions. Thank you Dr. Kaushal sir
Rahul Yadav
Rahul Yadav
Treated for throat ca
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