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Take steps to protect yourself. Learn how to prevent cancer.

Cancer prevention motivation active lifestyle

Fitness Mantra

  • One minute of moderate-intensity physical activity provides seven minutes of additional life.
  • Regular exercise reduces risk of cancer by 10-20%, showing helpful role in exercise and cancer prevention.
  •  Regular exercise reduced risk of mortality during cancer treatment and in follow up showing positive result of exercise and cancer survival. Also, positive result of exercise and cancer treatment.
  •  Recommendation: 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity physical activity for
    both cancer prevention and survival or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week.
Exercise and cancer prevention, exercise and cancer survival

Diet Mantra

what to eat and what not to eat to prevent cancer- cancer prevention diet includes these advice:

  • Avoid high intake of sugar sweetened beverages, red meat, processed meat.
  • Increase intake of wholegrains and decrease processed food.
  • Healthier dietary pattern is associated lower cancer related mortality after cancer treatment.
  • Recommendation: Balanced Diet: Daily calories 2000-3000. 45% – 55% from carbohydrates, 25-30% from proteins, 15-30% from fat. Protein requirement 1g/Kg/day. 400g of fresh/ vegetables per day. Encourage intake of fibers and plant based diet. 

Consult Oncologist if feel you have risk factors

visiting a surgical oncologist near is very crucial for proper diagnosis & early detection. 

Genetic Mantra

  • BRCA 1& 2 mutation positive individuals can opt for risk reducing surgery- Ovary removal after childbearing age and intense surveillance for breast malignancy or risk reducing surgery for both. So genetic testing helps in cancer survival and cancer prevention.
  • Mutation in colorectal cancer genes: colonoscopy screening should be started in young 20s-30s, or 10 years earlier than youngest family member affected.
  • RET oncogene mutation can opt for prophylactic thyroidectomy for thyroid cancer prevention in childhood.
  • Recommendation is to consider genetic counselling and appropriate genetic test for cancer prevention in cancer of early age onset and cancers belonging to family of cancer susceptibility syndromes.

Screening Mantra

Goal of cancer screening tests is to detect cancer at earliest possible stages. Many screening methods are way more helpful than you think.

  • Pap Smear: regular screening with pap smear has shown >30% decrease in cervical cancer mortality. It is recommended to do pap smear from age 21-65 years every 3 yearly. From 30-65 years pap test with HPV DNA every 5 yearly can also be done,
  • Mammography: bilateral breast mammography every 2 yearly starting at age of 50 years is very helpful in early detection of breast cancer.
  • Low dose CT Chest: helpful in lung cancer early detection in chronic heavy smokers between age 55-74 years.
  • Colonoscopy: at 50 years of age screening for colorectal cancer should be discussed with healthcare providers.

Early Treatment Mantra

  •  One of the biggest factors for rising cancer mortality is lacking of acceptance for early treatment. 
  • <20% patients are taking adequate early treatment.

If You are worried about cancer risk and health status , we are here to guide you

visiting a surgical oncologist is very crucial for proper diagnosis & early detection. 

How Suregry is Best Solution?

Surgery is best chance of cure in most of solid organ tumors. It’s a fact that 80% of cancer patients will require surgery during their course of disease yet only 25% were able to receive safe and effective surgery in time. At the same time it is important to assess that which patients can benifits from  Surgical Interventions



  • Cure of precancer condition.
  • Most effective treatment for majority of solid tumors. 

Early Detection

  • Biopsy under Surgical Oncologist advise.
  • Very early lesions can be excised directly.
  • In uncertain diagnosis, surgery versus observation.

Act Early

  • Resection with adequate margins and lymph nodes achieves best possible cure.
  • Most cost-effective treatment. 
  • Curative for limited operable metastatic disease.
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