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Foods That Fight Cancer: 10 Nutrient-Rich Options with Significant Anti-Cancer Properties

Fruits and vegetables are rich in phytochemicals, fibers and antioxidants. Many foods have anti-cancer properties. In this blog we have summarized nutrient rich foods which should be part for your balanced diet.

19 March 2024
Chemoprevention: Supplements, Vitamins and cancer prevention: all you need to know

Are there any such products or supplements which can prevent cancer. Do you really need to have extra supplements. What are the recommendations and how to use them. In this blog we try to simplify this information and advise.

12 March 2024
How to detect cancer early? 5 Key points of better malignancy cure.

One of the most common problem in better cancer survival is late diagnosis. most of the early symptoms of cancer are missed. In this blog article we try to highlight the early symptoms of cancer and screening methods.

25 February 2024
Increasing cancer in India, time to act-early: World Cancer Day

Cancer is responsible for nearly 1 in 6 deaths. 1 in 9 Indians is at risk of developing cancer during their lifetime. More than half of cancer in India are in age group 40-65 years which is atleast a decade younger than western population. In this article we try to bring attention on cancer incidence, its causes and various preventive measures.

4 February 2024
Gallbladder cancer: Causes and prevention of most deadly cancer.

Gall bladder is considered among most aggressive cancers. In this article we try to make awareness regarding various possible causes of gallbladder cancer. Preventive steps and early detection are also discussed to avoid complications related to this difficult disease.

29 January 2024
Why pancreas cancer is not detected early? Beware of early signs.

In this blog, it is strongly advised not to disregard any preliminary non-specific symptoms that may be attributed to pancreatic cancer. Effective diagnosis and prompt medical attention are imperative in cases involving symptoms associated with pancreatic cancer. It is vital to follow up timely with a qualified medical practitioner for thorough evaluation and assessments.

7 January 2024
Steps to Eradicate Cervix Cancer the 3rd most common cause of cancer mortality

The Problem: Present Scenario Cervix cancer is a preventable and curable disease, but it still affects millions of women around the world, especially in low- and middle-income countries.According to the

5 January 2024
Lung Cancer: How to prevent no.1 killer cancer

The Problem: Present Scenario Lung cancer is most common cause of cancer related deaths, and it is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer worldwide with approximately 22 lakh new cases

14 November 2023
Rising Incidence of breast cancer and the Need for Awareness

The Problem: Present Scenario Breast cancer is a significant health concern for women around the world, with alarming statistics that emphasize the importance of early detection and awareness. In India,

13 September 2023
Extreme Measures: When swelling in neck lymph node is more dangerous than origin site of cancer.

45 years male diagnosed as case of carcinoma Hard palate. Cytology was suggestive of malignant cells, keratinizing squamous cell ca. His CECT Neck revealed right side palate lesion in posterior

22 August 2023
Nutrition for Cancer Patients

For most people, a healthy diet plan includes Lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain bread and cereals, Modest amounts of meat and milk products, and Small amounts of fat, sugar,

20 August 2023
Peritoneal Malignancy

Peritoneal Surface Malignancy (HIPEC Surgery) Cytoreductive Surgery (CRS): is a procedure to remove the cancerous tissues from the abdomen. This is a major surgery which removes all visible evidence of

20 August 2023
Why you should quit smoking?

Tobacco is most common cause of preventable cancer deaths. It kills half of its users, which is more than any other health related ailment Tobacco is responsible for almost 25%

6 August 2023
What are the best treatment options for prostate cancer?

What are the best treatment options for prostate cancer? Prostate cancer... the cancer of the prostate gland is not biased before choosing which man to afflict. Once cancer has attacked

6 August 2023
The Power of Cancer Surgery: A Ray of Hope in the Fight Against Cancer

IntroductionThere is no denial to fact thar surgery plays a critical role in the fight against this formidable disease. Cancer surgery is a powerful weapon in the comprehensive treatment approach.

30 July 2023
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