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Rising Incidence of breast cancer and the Need for Awareness

The Problem: Present Scenario Breast cancer is a significant health concern for women around the world, with alarming statistics that emphasize the importance of early detection and awareness. In India, the situation is particularly critical, with a high incidence rate and a startling number of lives lost to this disease. Some of important statistical fact about breast cancer are: Every 4 Minutes, a Woman is Diagnosed with Breast Cancer globally. A Woman Loses Her Life Every 8 Minutes because of breast cancer. For Every 2 Women Diagnosed, 1 die because of it. Each year, India witnesses a distressing 1.78 lakh new cases and 90,000 deaths because of breast cancer. Highest Age-Adjusted Rates in Delhi Breast Cancer Accounts for 13.5% of All Cancer Cases and 10.65% of all cancer related deaths. The Risk of Breast Cancer for a female is 2.8. American cancer society reported that chances of a woman being diagnosed with breast cancer are 1 in 8. However, in India, the risk is 1 in 28 women. While the risk is lower in India, the sheer population size means that the absolute number of cases is very high. More than 50% of breast cancer cases in India are diagnosed in stages 3 and 4. More cases are being reported in younger population in India. Contributing factors: We must understand that breast cancer is a multifactorial disease which means most of the times multiple causes are responsible rather than a single cause. Apart from non-modifiable factors like age, gender, genetics, many modifiable factors are playing increasing role for rising incidences of breast cancer. Fast Food culture: a diet consisting of highly processes food like pizza, burger etc and along with high sugar beverages is a commonly prevalent health hazard in today’s corporate culture. High Fat and low fiber diet: consumption of high fat leads to obesity which is a known risk factor for breast cancer                           “a properly cooked whole grain paratha is healthier than a pizza”                           “do not run behind a particular food but eat a balanced healthy diet” Processed meat and red meat: contain n nitroso chemicals which are known carcinogens. Alcohol: even in moderate amount is linked with cancer. Binge watching:  excessive screen time because of binge watching leads to physical inactivity.                         “ a real life should have more real time for family, friend & outdoor rather than excessive reel time” Obesity: Body mass index above 30 is obesity. Overweight and obesity are associated with 15-20% of cancer related deaths. A healthy practice should be adopted to maintain ideal body weight.                           “ a healthy body doesn’t mean six packs but strong enough to do daily activities with full energy and happy mind” Late marriage and late age of first pregnancy: first pregnancy before age of 30 years and breast feeding are protective factors for breast cancer. Prevention: What can we do? Healthy balanced diet: Daily calories 2000-3000. 45% – 55% from carbohydrates, 25-30% from proteins, 15-30% from fat. Protein requirement 1g/Kg/day. 400g of fresh/ vegetables per day. Encourage intake of Fibers and plant based diet.    Daily Physical activity: One minute of moderate-intensity physical activity provides seven minutes of additional life. Regular exercise reduces risk of cancer by 10-20% 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity physical 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week or 30min of exercise daily for a at least 5day in a week. Avoid Alcohol/ tobacco Screening: Breast Self-examination once a month and clinical breast examination Mammography: bilateral breast mammography every 2 yearly starting at age of 40- 50 years is very helpful in early detection and early treatment. Rising incidence of breast cancer in India is a grave concern. The statistics presented here underscore the pressing need for increased awareness, early detection, and improved access to healthcare services. It is imperative that we collectively work towards reducing the burden of breast cancer in Indian women and society. Early detection can save lives, and spreading awareness is the first step towards achieving this goal. To Know more about breast cancer: Click here

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